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Director Wedge (also the voice of Scrat the squirrel) crafts a smart, sophisticated and touching animated comedy/adventure about a group of prehistoric beasts who find a human baby and then try to restore the tyke to his tribe. During the long march south during an ice age, the cuddly Manfred the Mammoth (Romano) and Sid the Sloth (the already animated Leguizamo) are joined by Diego the scheming Sabertooth Tiger (Leary) whose bond is solidified after the two save Diego's life. Amazing computer-animation technology and artistry are top-notch. Characters are likeable but sometimes spew overly glib dialogue. Although not quite of the same caliber story-wise, this one fits right in with "Shrek," "Monsters, Inc." and "Toy Story."

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Available on Running time 81 minutes. Originally from United States.

Cast and Crew

Animation & Cartoons, Wild Kingdom, Cold Spots, Rescue Missions, Top Grossing Films of 2002, Big Cats
Michael Berg, Michael J. Wilson, Peter Ackerman
Chris Wedge
David Newman
John Leguizamo, Denis Leary, Ray Romano, Goran Visnjic, Jack Black, Cedric the Entertainer, Stephen (Steve) Root, Tara Strong, Diedrich Bader, Alan Tudyk, Lorri Bagley, Jane Krakowski, Chris Wedge, Sean Garnhart, John Carnochan, Brian McEntee
Lori Forte, Blue Sky Productions, 20th Century-Fox

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Ice Age
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 4.0 4.0

Even though Ice Age is a kid movie, I still love it! Scrat can never just eat his acorn and he is always getting hurt. Sid the sloth has a funny voice and is kind of ugly so it makes him cute. He is funny, though. Manfred is the "leader" of the group. He is the biggest and the smartest. They find a baby and try to take it back to where it came from. Diego and the rest of the Lions just want the baby to eat it. Throughout most of the movie, the lions are trying to get the baby and plan to have diego get the baby for them. Diego was going to follow through on the plan at first but then he realizes that they need to return the baby. In the end the baby is returned and Diego remains friends with Manfred and Sid because at one point they saved his life.