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Writer/director Twyker reunites with Potente, the star of his breakthrough feature "Run Lola Run." Potente plays Sissi, a mental institution nurse whose life is saved by small-time crook Bodo (Furmann). On the way to the bank (which he was about to rob), she is run over by a truck (in an accident that he helped cause). He crawls under the truck to avoid the police, but ends up saving her as she's about to choke to death on her own blood. After she recovers, she sets out to find Bodo, feeling that he is her one true love. Bodo, still grieving the loss of his wife, resists. Impossible to pigeonhole in one genre, as Twyker is clearly more concerned with his characters than with shoving them into a conveniently labeled plot.

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Available on Running time 130 minutes. Originally from German.

Cast and Crew

Second Chance, Near-Death Experiences, Doctors & Nurses
Tom Tykwer
Franka Potente, Benno Furmann, Joachim Krol, Marita Breuer, Lars Rudolph, Jurgen Tarrach, Melchior Beslon, Ludger Pistor
Frank Griebe
Tom Tykwer
Tom Tykwer, Johnny Klimek, Reinhold Heil
Arno Wilms, Elmar Wilms, Mathilde Bonnefoy, Monika Jacobs, Uli Hanisch
Stefan Arndt, Maria Kopf, X-Films Creative Pool, Sony Pictures Classics

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