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You knew they were lying when the tagline of the first film declared "No mercy, no shame, no sequel," especially since the spoof brought in more than $144 mil worldwide. The plot, such as it is, consists of a spooky doctor (Curry) convincing the cast from the original to spend the night in a haunted house to study insomnia. Familiar, no? But it's really just an excuse for the Wayans to parody a whole new batch of movies and do a lot (and we mean A LOT) of bodily fluid and sex jokes. Unfortunately, they don't do it any better than they did the first time, and whatever freshness the original had is long gone.

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Horror Comedy, Genre Spoofs, Creepy Houses, Nuns & Priests, Ghosts, Ghouls, & Goblins, Edibles, Exorcism & Exorcists
Shawn Wayans, Marlon Wayans, Alyson Fouse, Greg Grabianski, Dave Polsky, Michael Anthony Snowden, Craig Wayans
Anna Faris, Tim Curry, Shawn Wayans, Marlon Wayans, Chris Elliott, Tori Spelling, Christopher K. Masterson, Kathleen Robertson, Regina Hall, James Woods, David Cross, Andy Richter, Natasha Lyonne, Veronica Cartwright, Richard Moll
Steven Bernstein
Keenen Ivory Wayans
Colleen (Ann) Fitzpatrick, David Kirschner, Randy Spendlove, Peter Teschner, Tom Nordberg, Richard Pearson, Cat Smith, Mary Jane Fort, Valari Adams, Cynthia Charette
Eric Gold, Wayans Bros. Entertainment, Dimension Films

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Scary Movie 2
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 3.0 4.0

Scary Movie 2 was a pretty funny one. Anna Faris, Tim Curry, Chris Elliott, Shawn Wayans, Marlon Wayans, Tori Spelling, and Regina Hall play a role in Scary Movie 2. The team of actors make a great cast. They are super funny together. This is a sequel to the first one. Scary Movie two is about the group of teens spending the night in a haunted house. Spooky and scary things happen to them, which actually make you laugh. If you loved part one and haven't seen part two, then you'll want to see this one. It's funny and hilarious.