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Definitely an acquired taste--the uneasy melding of a long-cherished idea by late director Stanley Kubrick and the homage directed by Spielberg. Global warming has submerged the world's coastal cities but advanced humanoid robots, or "mechas," keep things going. Professor Hobby (Hurt) has made a child mecha, David (Osment), designed to be loving and extremely loyal--in this case to his human mother Monica (O'Connor) who eventually abandons him to the cruel wide world. Having heard the Pinocchio story, David (and his mecha bear Teddy) go in search of the Blue Fairy who can make David a "real" boy. Along the way, David meets mecha Gigolo Joe (Law), who profers good advice about the perfidity of human beings. It's long, it's dark, it's confusing, it's sometimes boring, and sometimes touching. Law's role is small but, as usual, Osment carries the picture. Based on the 1969 short story "Supertoys Last All Summer Long" by Brian Aldiss.

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Available on Running time 145 minutes. Originally from United States.

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Robots & Androids, Sci Fi, Adapted from a Story, Post-Apocalypse, Family Ties, Childhood Visions, Future Shock
Steven Spielberg
Haley Joel Osment, Jude Law, Frances O'Connor, Sam Robards, Brendan Gleeson, William Hurt, Jake Thomas, Clara Bellar, Enrico Colantoni, Adrian Grenier, Emmanuelle Chriqui
Janusz Kaminski
Steven Spielberg
John Williams
Robin Williams, Chris Rock, Meryl Streep, Jack Angel, Ben Kingsley, Ronald Judkins, Michael Kahn, Richard Johnson, Jim Teegarden, Thomas Valentine, Bob Ringwood, Rick Carter
Kathleen Kennedy, Steven Spielberg, Sylvester Stallone, Amblin Entertainment, Warner Bros., Dreamworks Pictures

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A. I.: Artificial Intelligence
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 4.0 4.0

I really like this movie when I saw it. Some parts are kind of sad, and brought a few tears to my eyes. I know if you saw this movie, you would get a tear or two as well. This movie takes place in the future after there are all kinds of robots. David, an artificial kid which is the first to have real feelings, especially a never-ending love for his "mother", Monica. The real david has disease and no one knew if he would live or not, and had the robot David made to look exactly like him. David's love is real but he is not, so it makes it kind of hard for his parents to actually love him. The relationship between them isn't working out so they send David out on his own. He makes friends with other robots and has a crazy journey to find his "Blue Fairy" to make his dreams come true. David wants to be a real boy, like Pinocchio.