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Goose (writer/director Van Bebber) is just your average gang-leader who enjoys selling drugs and having knife-fights with rival gangs in the local cemetery. But when his girlfriend Christy (Murphy) threatens to leave him, Goose decides to quit the gang and lead a more normal life. But first he must do one more drug deal. Van Bebber definitely shows a flair for action filmmaking. Stuntwork is fine and he gives the film a kinetic energy that is only occasionally undone by sloppy editing. However, the story and tone of the film leave much to be desired. The whole gang/revenge plot is far from original and the unappealing characters do despicable things.

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Available on Running time 80 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Jim Van Bebber
Jim Van Bebber, Megan Murphy, Paul Harper, Ric Walker
Jim Van Bebber

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Deadbeat at Dawn
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 1.0 4.0

Deadbeat at Dawn is an action/adventure that came out in 1998. The movie has a run time of 80 minutes. Goose (Jim Van Bebber) is the leader of a gang called the Ravens and their rival gang is the Spiders. When the Ravens encounter one to many times with the Spiders, Gooses’ girlfriend, Christy (Megan Murphy), asks him to quit or she’s leaving him. So he quits. The leader of the Spiders isn’t happy so he goes after Gooses’ girlfriend and has her murdered. Now Goose is out for revenge.