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Producer Lorne Michaels was allegedly the model for Mike Myers' Dr. Evil. It's becoming clear that his repeated abduction of SNL skits in order to stretch them out on the rack and loose them on the public is part of some nefarious plan. The victim this time is Leon Phelps (Meadows), a stuck-in-the-'70s late-night talk show host who dispenses inappropriate romantic advice. Raised by Hugh Hefner but banished for sleeping with the wrong bunny, Leon soon becomes banished from his radio gig, too. He eases the pain by seducing other men's wives, leading to the formation of an anti-Leon posse. Meanwhile, his faithful ex-producer Julie (Parsons) inexplicably sticks by his side hoping to tame Leon's wild ways. In the end, Leon is converted to a one-lady man, and the comic possibilities of this lame flick are squandered.

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Available on Running time 84 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Screwball Comedy, Sex & Sexuality, Period Piece: 1970s, Adapted from Saturday Night Live
Tim Meadows, Dennis McNicholas, Andrew Steele
Tim Meadows, Will Ferrell, Tiffani(-Amber) Thiessen, Billy Dee Williams, Karyn Parsons, Lee Evans, John Witherspoon, Eugene Levy, Tamala Jones, Julianne Moore, Sean Thibodeau
Johnny E. Jensen
Reginald (Reggie) Hudlin
Marcus Miller

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The Ladies Man
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 1.0 4.0

The Ladies Man came out in 2000 and has a total running time of 83 minutes. This film originated from a Saturday Night Live skit. Tim Meadows, Will Ferrell, Billy Dee Williams, Tiffani Thiessen star in this comedy. Leon Phelps is fired from his job as a late night radio show. His producer Julie has been fired as well. Now, they can’t seem to find a job anywhere. Leon gets many men mad because he has slept with many of their wives. His producer Julie hopes he’ll eventurally become a one-woman man.