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Single gay Leo (McKidd) is urged to join a new agey men's therapy group where, during one of their meetings, he expresses his interest in Brendan (Purefoy), who's breaking up with longtime lover, Sally (Ehle). After Leo and Brendan get together, Leo realizes that Sally is his old high school girlfriend and there's still a certain spark between them. And things just get more complicated. Zippy if glib humor, although the film tends to lose steam at the end.

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Available on Running time 96 minutes. Originally from British.

Cast and Crew

London, Romantic Comedy, Gays, Bisexuality
Robert Farrar
Kevin McKidd, James Purefoy, Jennifer Ehle, Tom Hollander, Hugo Weaving, Simon Callow, Harriet Walter, Christopher Fulford, Julie Graham
Ashley Rowe
Rose Troche
Alfredo Troche

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