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Greek warrior Aeneas (Reeves), under the command of Ulysses (Barrymore), gets to hide out in the Trojan horse with his fellow fighters and then get those Trojans when they take the wooden beast into their city. When they're successful, Aeneas takes his guys and decides to go off and found the city of Rome. You were maybe expecting historical or mythological accuracy?

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Available on Running time 105 minutes. Originally from Italian, French.

Cast and Crew

Big Battles, Sword & Sandal, Greece--Ancient
Ugo Liberatore
Steve Reeves, John Drew (Blythe) Barrymore, Juliette Mayniel, Edy Vessel, Lidia Alfonsi, Luciana Angiolillo, Arturo Dominici, Mimmo Palmara, Carlo Tamberlani, Nando Tamberlani
Rino Filippini
Giorgio Ferroni
Giovanni Fusco

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