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Tucci directed, co-wrote, and stars as Joe Mitchell, famed "New Yorker" columnist who chronicled, among many others, the peculiar life of Greenwich Village eccentric Joe Gould in the 1940s. Gould (Holm) lived on the streets of New York for 26 years, regaling the intelligensia with wild stories and behavior while claiming to be writing the "Oral History of Our Time," which he said was two million words long and contained the fruits of 20,000 overheard conversations. The film quietly (except when Holm's Gould is onscreen) and effectively explores the relationship between Mitchell and Gould, and the reasons for Mitchell's fascination with his subject.

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Adapted from an Article, New York, New York, Period Piece: 1940s, Sanity Check, Front Page, Shutterbugs, Homeless, Writers
Howard A. Rodman, Stanley Tucci
Stanley Tucci, Ian Holm, Hope Davis, Patricia Clarkson, Steve Martin, Susan Sarandon, Celia Weston, Allan Corduner, Alice Drummond, Julie Halston, Hallee Hirsh, Ben Jones, John Tormey, David Wohl, Patrick Tovatt, Sarah Hyland
Maryse Alberti
Stanley Tucci
Evan Lurie

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Joe Gould's Secret
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 2.0 4.0

The movie, Joe Gould’s Secret, was released in the year 2000. The movie has a run time of 108 minutes, with a rating of R due to some language and brief nudity. Ian Holm stars as Joe Gould and Stanley Tucci stars as Joe Mitchell. Joe Gould’s Secret takes place in the 1940’s. The movie is about the life of Joe Gould and shows his friendship between Joe Gould and Joe Mitchell. Joe Gould becomes somewhat of a celebrity after Joe Mitchell writes a piece on him. Due to that, Gould gets invited to join the poetry club, the Greenwich Village Ravens. The two stay life long friends. After Joe Gould dies, his secret is revealed.