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It's 2050, Earth is dying, and the crew of the Mars-1 has been sent to the red planet to find out what went wrong with a previous colonization mission. Alas, something goes wrong with this mission, too (those pesky gamma rays), and some of the crew are forced to shuttle to the surface of Mars, where yet another mishap leaves them stranded without means of communication or escape. To make matters worse, the crew's AMEE (Autonomous Mapping Evaluation and Evasion) robot has turned nasty and intends to further endanger them and their mission. Heavy with visual effects, yet the film tries to keep the focus on the human elements. Follows the unexceptional "Mission to Mars" in exploring the big red one.

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Available on Running time 110 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Space Operas, Astronauts, Disaster Flicks, Rescue Missions, Mars
Jonathan Lemkin, Chuck Pfarrer
Val Kilmer, Tom Sizemore, Carrie-Anne Moss, Benjamin Bratt, Simon Baker, Terence Stamp
Antony Hoffman

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Red Planet
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 2.0 4.0

The movie Red Planet was pretty good. I know my mom liked it a lot when it came out. She's a Val Kilmer fan. I enjoyed the movie as well. I like space movies. They interest me. So this is defintiely an enjoyable movie if your into space. Basically, this movie is about how the earth is dying. A group of astronauts then head to the red planet. Their mission is to find out information on the last mission. Well, of course things go wrong and now they have to figure out how to make it home. Red Planet is entertaining and has a lot of special effects. I'd watch it again.