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When the first manned flight to Mars ends in disaster, leaving Commander Luke Graham (Cheadle) as the only survivor, NASA sends a rescue mission consisting of Graham's best friend Jim (Sinise), married astronauts Woody (Robbins) and Terri (Nielsen), and generic tech guy Phil (O'Connell). On the way to Mars they encounter problems you've seen in other, better-done sci-fi flicks. Once on Mars, they find the New Age-y, touchy-feely secrets of creation. DePalma is known for his visual wizardry, and on that element he doesn't disappoint, but the horrible script and indifferent performances undermine whatever it was he was trying to accomplish.

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Available on Running time 112 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Space Operas, Astronauts, Rescue Missions, Big Ideas, Mars
Jim Thomas, John Thomas, Graham Yost
Tim Robbins, Gary Sinise, Don Cheadle, Connie Nielsen, Jerry O'Connell, Kim Delaney, Elise Neal, Peter Outerbridge, Jill Teed, Kavan Smith
Stephen Burum
Brian DePalma
Ennio Morricone

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