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All hail Adam Sandler, King of the Idiot Boys! Notoriously bashed by critics, Sandler doesn't seem too worried about their opinions as he rolls around on the giant pile of money his crude but funny movies make. This time his underdog hero is Nicky (Sandler), the son of Satan (Keitel) and an angel (Witherspoon), who hangs out in a very cartoony hell. When Satan calls his sons together to name his heir, he instead declares that he will rule for another 10,000 years, causing brothers Adrian and Cassius to stage a rebellion by bringing hell to New York City. Nicky and his talking dog sidekick Mr. Beefy (voice of Smigel) are then sent to capture them. Along the way, he gains the standard Hollywood-issued love interest (Arquette). Broader and more satirical than most of Sandler's work, it's also the first that has him surrounded by top-line talent (not that it helps any).

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Brothers & Sisters, Slob Comedy, Devils, Family Ties, Hell, Stupid Is..., New York, New York, Talking Animals, King of Beasts (Dogs)
Adam Sandler, Steven Brill, Tim Herlihy
Adam Sandler, Rhys Ifans, Tommy (Tiny) Lister, Harvey Keitel, Patricia Arquette, Allen Covert, Blake Clark, Rodney Dangerfield, Kevin Nealon, Reese Witherspoon, Lewis Arquette, Dana Carvey, Jon Lovitz, Michael McKean, Quentin Tarantino, Carl Weathers, Rob Schneider, Clint Howard, Ellen Cleghorne, Fred Wolf
Theo van de Sande
Steven Brill
Teddy Castellucci
Dan Marino, Henry Winkler, Regis Philbin, Ozzy Osbourne, Bill Walton, Robert Smigel

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Little Nicky
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Little Nicky's mother is an angel and his father is a devil. He lives in Hell but his personality is really sincere and sweet. Nicky's brothers Cassius and Adrian escape from Hell to go to Earth and their father, Satan, starts disintegrating because the wall that lets souls in to Hell is frozen. Nicky is sent to get his brothers from Earth and bring them back so their father won't die. Nicky has a lot to learn about earth when he is there and runs into some trouble trying to get his brothers.