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Catherine (Polley), a freshman college student at a liberal university, feels alienated from her peers and finds solace in an online chat room. She becomes increasingly involved with the shadowy National Identity Movement and becomes their spokesperson before understanding what they really represent and that they're a group of neo-Nazis.

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Available on Running time 92 minutes. Originally from Canadian.

Cast and Crew

Dennis Foon
Sarah Polley, Tanya Allen, Jonathan Scarfe, Lynn Redgrave, Joseph Kell, Albert Schultz
Keri Skogland

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White Lies
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 2.0 4.0
Primus S. Butler

The movie is well-made and superbly acted, especially by Sarah Polley in the lead. A particularly poignant series of scenes by the "anti-racist" non-Jewish spokesman, should have been given serious consideration for an Academy Award. Also a good performance by her unwittingly overcast (weigth of Atlas on her shoulders) Asian-Canadian roommate. The movie, however, suffers from a serious lack of integrity in that many of the young college student's legitimate questions are never answered, the movie leaves us with only one answer, "TO QUESTION IS A CRIME AGAINST Race, being white means never being able to challenge a member of a different race or religion." While I do not agree with that assesment I understand the anger many "minorities" feel particularly African-Americans and others with ancestors who are slaves. The fact remains, however many Caucasian groups, particulary Irish North Americans suffered worse in the U.S. and Canada then Americans of Vietnamese, Cambodian, Iranian, and even "West Indian" Caribean descent who never were opressed by a White-dominated culture. And while anti-Semetism is a reality today it is far more common in "minority communities," then it is among White-Anglo-Saxon Protestants. An otherwise good movie, suffered an accute anemia of integrity by refusing to address realistic issues that perplex White Protestants and can oppress all groups eqaully. And do not think such IN YOUR FACE anti-White anti-Protestant bigotry happens only in the cities like New York, San Fransico, Chicago, and Toronto. I live in the "reddest of the red states" and here too P.C. is becoming the opressive force it always threatens. Sadly legitimate speech has been supressed and left only to racial bigots like David Duke and the White Aryans, while a few brave souls, among them Dinesh D'Souza, David Horowitz, and Ben Stein have had the audacity to be honest, for the other 99% of us, only racist SOBs can ask legitimate questions about White rigths, and so the movie labels any conservative white Protestant as sharing the views of these one percent of White bigots.