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Baby Dumpling is enrolled in school but on his first day he plays hooky to find Daisy who's been caught by the dogcatcher. But Blondie and Dagwood think the tyke has been kidnapped!

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Available on Running time 67 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Adapted from a Cartoon, Family Ties, Blondie, King of Beasts (Dogs), Bringing Up Baby
Richard Flournoy, Gladys Lehman
Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake, Larry Simms, Jonathan Hale, Danny Mummert, Fay Helm, Peggy Ann Garner, Irving Bacon
Henry Freulich
Frank Strayer

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Blondie Brings Up Baby
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 1.0 4.0

Blondie Brings Up Baby came out in 1939 and has a total running time of 67 minutes. Penny Singleton (as Blondie Bumstead), Arthur Lake (as Dagwood Bumstead) and Larry Simms (as Baby Bumstead) star in this fun comedy. Blondie is convinced that Baby Dumpling is a genius, so she signs him up for school. While on the way home from school, Daisy their dog, is caught by the dogcatcher! Now, Blondie and her husband are in a search for Daisy.