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When Picasso Dewlap and his family move from Chicago to a small town, the kid has trouble making friends (no wonder with that name). Then he joins the school basketball team. However, Picasso sucks. But after he meets a teen bigfoot (nicknamed Ed) who just happens to be a natural at hoops, Picasso and his hairy friend become team heroes. Based on the book by Brian Daly.

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Available on Running time 94 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Bigfoot/Yeti, Basketball, Sports Comedies, School Daze, Family Comedy
Richard Thomas, Donnelly Rhodes, Robert Karl Burke, Trevor Jones, Chilton Crane
Peter Benison
Philip Spink
Daryl Bennett, Jim Guttridge

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Big and Hairy
Star_offStar_offStar_offStar_off 0.0 4.0

this is by far THE worst movie i have ever seen. it was horrible. the acting was terrible, the plot of the story was retarded, the names of the characters were stupid, the bigfoot looked like a monkey from planet of the apes.