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Godard's film puzzle makes references to literature, music, and cinema itself without making any particular sense. Veteran film director Vicky Vitalis (Messica) agrees to help his daughter Camille (Assas) stage a comedic play by Alfred de Musset in Sarajevo, in order to cheer up its war-tired residents. This doesn't go well, but the director has already abandoned the project to return to his latest film idea, which also turns out to be a disaster. French with subtitles.

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Available on Running time 85 minutes. Originally from French, Swiss.

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Showbiz Dramas, Behind the Scenes, At the Movies, Bosnia
Jean-Luc Godard
Vicky Messica, Madeleine Assas, Frederic Pierrot, Ghalia Lacroix
Christophe Pollock
Jean-Luc Godard
Alain Sarde, Ruth Waldburger, New Yorker Films

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