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Little Tall Island, Maine, is under siege--and not just from the most ferocious storm the island has seen in years. No, there's madness and murder afoot in the form of demonic stranger Andre Linoge (Feore). He seems to know everyone's secrets but what he wants is anybody's guess. Now it's up to amiable constable Michael Anderson (Daly) to control the rising hysteria and come up with a solution.

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Available on Running time 247 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Books to Film: Stephen King, Supernatural Horror, Island Fare, Blizzards
Stephen King
Colm Feore, Timothy Daly, Debrah Farentino, Casey Siemaszko, Jeffrey DeMunn, Richard Blackburn
David Connell
Craig R. Baxley
Gary Chang
Stephen King, Mark Carliner, Greengrass Productions

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Stephen King's The Storm of the Century
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 4.0 4.0

Storm of the Century is the perfect movie for a dark, snowy night because it is more scary since thats how the movie is set. This movie is a lot longer than the average movie. It's about 4 hours long, give or take. This movie freaked me out when I first saw it because we saw it in the perfect setting. The stranger, Linoge, is a really creepy character. It is obvious that he is not normal, and the thought of being snowed in with him in town is not a good thing. He makes weird things happen and makes people die. His eyes turn black when he's mad and doing crazy things. He can get into peoples' heads and make them do things. He is the devil and he knows all. Linoge wants something from this town, they don't find out until the end what he wants, but one family isn't so fortunate in the end when it comes down to it. This is a great flick to watch if you want to be freaked out and scared.