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If this film had stuck to overcoming tragedy and finding new love, it could have been a classic romantic weepie. But the addition of some police corruption malarkey and a slow pace undermine the emotional payoff. Congresswoman Kay Chandler (Scott Thomas) and internal affairs cop Dutch Van Den Broeck (Ford) discover that their respective spouses, who were killed in the same airliner crash, had been having an affair. Dutch needs to know all the sordid details when Kay, who's up for re-election, wants the potentially scandalous situation to remain quiet. Based on the novel by Warren Adler.

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Available on Running time 133 minutes.

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Romantic Drama, Cops, Vote for Me!, Capitol Capers
Kurt Luedtke
Harrison Ford, Kristin Scott Thomas, Sydney Pollack, Charles S. Dutton, Bonnie Hunt, Dennis Haysbert, Richard Jenkins, Paul Guilfoyle, Susanna Thompson, Peter Coyote, Dylan Baker, Lynne Thigpen, Bill Cobbs, Susan Floyd, Edie Falco, Kate Mara
Philippe Rousselot
Sydney Pollack
Dave Grusin
Sydney Pollack, Marykay Powell, Ronald L. Schwary, Columbia Pictures

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