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Old snaggle-tooth (Myers) returns and time travels back to 1969 in order to foil his look-alike nemesis, Dr. Evil, who steals Powers' mojo. Myers wisely highlights the not-so-good Dr., along with some hilarious new characters, instead of the periodically wearisome Powers. Again plot takes a back seat to the great dialogue, characters (including Rob Lowe doing a dead-on Robert Wagner and a third Myers incarnation, Fat Bastard), and kitchy eye candy. It all still works because of Myers' winking good nature.

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Time Warped, Femme Fatale, Genre Spoofs, James Bond Spoofs, Spies & Espionage, Satire & Parody, Period Piece: 1960s, Top Grossing Films of 1999, Shutterbugs
Michael McCullers, Mike Myers
Mike Myers, Heather Graham, Elizabeth Hurley, Seth Green, Robert Wagner, Rob Lowe, Verne Troyer, Kristen Johnston, Mindy Sterling, Gia Carides, Clint Howard, Michael York, Will Ferrell, Muse Watson, Charles Napier, Tim Robbins, Fred Willard, Jack Kehler
Ueli Steiger
Jay Roach
George S. Clinton
Burt Bacharach, Elvis Costello, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, Woody Harrelson, Willie Nelson, Jerry Springer
Suzanne Todd, Jennifer Todd, Demi Moore, Eric McLeod, John Lyons, Eric's Boy, New Line Cinema


MTV Movie Awards 2000: On-Screen Duo (Mike Myers/Verne Troyer), Villain (Myers).

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Austin Powers 2: The Spy Who Shagged Me
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 4.0 4.0

I love this movie! Dr. Evil uses a device he calls a "Time Machine" to travel back to 1969 and remove Austin Powers' mojo. The sexually wounded swinger must travel back in time and, with the help of agent Felicity Shagwell, recover his vitality. Meanwhile, Dr. Evil's personal life runs amok as he discovers love, continues to shun his son and develops a close relationship with himself. Well, actually, a clone 1/8 his size whom he dubs "Mini-Me". The always time-baffled Dr. Evil begins his plan to put a gigantic cannon on the moon, thus turning it into a device called either "The Death Star" or "Alan Parson's Project," depending on which name is available.