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Romantic idea and lushly colorful computer imagery combine with sappy dialogue to turn surreal fantasy into very average digital hocus-pocus. Dr. Chris Neilsen (Williams) and his artist-wife Annie (Sciorra) lose their two children to a traffic accident. Four years later the doctor himself is killed in a freak accident. He finds that his heaven is much like a painting done by his wife (or Monet or Van Gogh) of their dream cottage. Chris is just getting used to the "rules" when he learns that his wife has committed suicide, damning her to hell. Unable to accept eternal separation, he begins an odyssey to find her. For the first half hour, Williams alternates between a "Patch Adams" rehearsal and over-emoting into the tear-filled eyes of Sciorra. Very loosely adapted from a 20-year-old Richard Matheson novel.

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Fantasy, Romantic Drama, Death & the Afterlife, Doctors & Nurses, Art & Artists, Big Ideas, Heaven Sent, Suicide, Books to Film: Richard Matheson, Hell, Flashback
Ronald Bass
Rosalind Chao, Robin Williams, Annabella Sciorra, Cuba Gooding, Max von Sydow, Jessica Brooks Grant, Josh Paddock
Eduardo Serra
Vincent Ward
Michael Kamen


Oscars 1998: Visual FX.

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