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Fresh and original comedy from Wes Anderson follows 15-year-old Max (Schwartzman), an underachieving yet overconfident student at Rushmore Academy. He has romantic designs on teacher Miss Cross (Williams), and enlists the help of wealthy alum Herman Blume (Murray) in his quest to impress her. Blume also falls for the woman, however, instigating a war of nasty tricks between the two quirky rivals. Murray drops his trademark smirk and gives his best performance to date. Also shining is newcomer Schwartzman, who is the son of Talia Shire. At this rate, the Coppola show biz clan may take over Hollywood by sheer population as well as talent.

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Available on Running time 93 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Teen Angst, High School, Coming of Age, Revenge, Director/Star Teams: W. Anderson & Murray, Director/Star Teams: W. Anderson & Murray
Wes Anderson, Owen C. Wilson
Bill Murray, Jason Schwartzman, Olivia Williams, Seymour Cassel, Brian Cox, Mason Gamble, Sara Tanaka, Connie Nielsen, Kim Terry, Stephen McCole, Ronnie McCawley, Keith McCawley
Robert Yeoman
Wes Anderson
Mark Mothersbaugh
Buena Vista


Ind. Spirit 1999: Director (54938), Support. Actor (Murray); L.A. Film Critics 1998: Support. Actor (Murray); N.Y. Film Critics 1998: Support. Actor (Murray); Natl. Soc. Film Critics 1998: Support. Actor (Murray).

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