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This retread of the semi-successful '60s TV sitcom adds to the growing pile of evidence that the words "original" and "thought" are not used in the same sentence in Hollywood anymore. Tim (Daniels) is a TV producer cajoled into hiding his "Uncle Martin." Martin (Lloyd) is actually an alien whose spaceship has crashed, and he's on the run from a government agency and the prying press. Tim must throw racy reporter Hurley off the trail as well, although he has a crush on her. Numerous animated and computer morphed sight gags, including a horny wisecracking spacesuit named Zoot (who brings new meaning to the term "skirt chasing"), take the place of a plot. Sets new standards for mediocrity, but the kiddies might enjoy it.

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Mars, Special FX Extravaganzas, Comedy Sci-Fi, Alien Beings--Benign, Adapted from Television, Disney Family Movies, Aliens Are People, Too, Aunts & Uncles, Nieces & Nephews
Sherri Stoner, Deanna Oliver
Jeff Daniels, Christopher Lloyd, Elizabeth Hurley, Daryl Hannah, Wallace Shawn, Christine Ebersole, Ray Walston, Michael Lerner
Thomas Ackerman
Donald Petrie
John Debney
Walt Disney Pictures

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My Favorite Martian
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 2.0 4.0

This movie isn’t that good. Tim O’Hara gets fired from his news producer job and then sees a spacecraft crash on Earth. Out comes a Martian names Martin. Tim figures this is the story of a lifetime so he takes in Martin. Martin doesn’t realize that Tim wants to expose him. He thinks Tim is being nice by helping him fix his ship to get back home. The two eventually become friends and Tim starts to have second thoughts on exposing his new Martian friend.