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The happy hours half-sisters, outgoing Marian (Fitzgerald) and shy Laura (Waddell), spend with their eccentric Uncle Fairlie (Richardson) soon turn sinister when Laura is married off to the seemingly charming Sir Percival Glyde (Wilby). Sir Percival quickly appears to be conspiring with the suspicious Count Fosco (Callow) to take control of Laura's money. When Marian visits her sister, she's alarmed by Laura's decline and equally unnerved by the mysterious woman in white, Anne (Vidler), who seems to know Glyde and tries to warn the sisters of impending danger. Based on the novel by Wilkie Collins, who also wrote "The Moonstone."

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Available on Running time 120 minutes. Originally from British.

Cast and Crew

Mystery & Suspense, Period Piece: 19th Century, Brothers & Sisters, Marriage, Books to Film: Wilkie Collins, Sanity Check
David Pirie
Tara Fitzgerald, Justine Waddell, James Wilby, Simon Callow, Ian Richardson, Andrew Lincoln, Susan Vidler, John Standing, Corin Redgrave
Tim Fywell
David Ferguson
Carlton Television

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The Woman in White
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 2.0 4.0

'The woman in white' is a gothic film which presents a real spooky story involving love,greed,loyalty and cruelty.The film's director is Tim Fywell and in the cenrtal roles are: Tara Fitzgerald as Marian Fairlie end Justine Waddel as Marian's half-sister,Laura. The film is based loosely on the classic Wilkie Collins novel of the same name.'This is the story of what a woman's patience can endure,and what a man's resolution can achieve.'