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Inner-city hustlers Black (Master P) and Blue (Johnson) have their own "department store" in a vacant lot where they sell various goods of dubious quality and origin. When a truckload of cell phones is mistakenly delivered to them, it ushers them into a new business venture. All hell breaks loose when a thug (Lister) has a money pick-up go bad because of the defective phones. Sporadically amusing comedy plays gang violence and misogyny for laughs, while the leads do nothing to make their characters interesting or even likable.

Buena Vista Home Entertainment, 500 S. Buena Vista St., Burbank, CA 91521-1120, Toll-free: 800-723-4763, URL:

Available on Running time 93 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Urban Comedy, Scams, Stings & Cons, African America, Pure Ego Vehicles
Percy (Master P) Miller
Percy (Master P) Miller, A.J. (Anthony) Johnson, Gretchen Palmer, Frantz Turner, Tommy (Tiny) Lister, Helen Martin, John Witherspoon, Harrison White, Ice Cube, Anthony Boswell, Lola Mae
Antonio Calvache
Michael Martin
Tommy Coster, Brad Fairman
Dimension Films

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