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Based on a true story, this TV drama finds Jim (Harris) Stolpa, his wife Jennifer (Williams), and their 5-month-old baby fighting for survival when they're trapped in the open by a Nevada snowstorm for eight days.

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Available on Running time 120 minutes.

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Disaster Flicks, Cold Spots, Survival, Family Ties, True Stories, Blizzards
Jonathan Rintels
Neil Patrick Harris, Kelli Williams, Susan Clark, Michael Gross, Richard Cox
Peter Woeste
Christian Duguay
Lou Natale

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Snowbound: The Jim and Jennifer Stolpa Story
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What Dr. Milham says is true. My family lives in Cedarville and I know one of the people who worked at the service station personally at that time. He said the Stolpa's came in to get fuel and asked about the route. The attendant at the gas station was one of many townsmen that said that it was not a good idea to drove that route. Highway 299, the route that leads to the boarder across the cos-way is the last maintained part before hitting the dirt road at the CalVada boarder. It's only maintained in the summer or when it's absolutely necessary as in the winter there is about a foot-plus of snow on the mountain and blizzard like conditions. There is a sign as you head across the cos-way that says that the highway is not maintained in the winter. VERY LUCKY as everyone in the valley knows better than to do what the Stolpa's had done. Not to mention the movie shows a very modern day hospital with windows of the rooms. Cedarville hospital does not have windows in the halls and is a long hallway with rooms on both sides, at least fifty-plus years old with an addition built since the Stolpa story. I can sit here all day and pick out everything that is wrong with the movie, just like it when they make it more authentic. Overall, myself and family including the rest of the town were really disgusted when this situation happened. "Don't go if you don't know." Seems to be the advice that is given. At least they were LUCKY.

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Dr. Larry Milham

I live in VYA, NEVADA. It is the nearest town to Stolpa's ordeal. I just watched the movie on "I Survived" a few minutes ago. What no one seemed to include in any movie about this ordeal isww that EVERYONE in the restaurant and gas station in Cedarville, California, which was the last service between Cedarville and 100 miles East told them NOT to take that route,but he told them they could make it. Many of the folks that talked to him were ranchers that have cattle in the area and KNEW what they told him to be true. He was a very very VERY LUCKY individual. His family were lucky that Dusty Ferguson knew the area well enough to find his wife and son.