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In late '50s Baltimore, 12-year-old Danny (Smith) is the target of bullies and humiliated by the fact that his dad Earl (Strathairn) is accused of cowardice because he's not a vet. So Danny decides to prove his own courage by climbing the local, soon-to-be-demolished 203-foot radio tower. Danny is unexpected aided by his crochety neighbor, Chuck Langer (Hurt), a hard-drinking grump dying of cancer. But when Danny gets into trouble, it's his dad who comes to the rescue. Nostalgic family fare.

Vanguard International Cinema, Inc., Newport Plaza, 1901 Newport Blvd., Ste. 225, Costa Mesa, CA 92627-2289, Phone: (949)258-2000, Toll-free: 800-218-7888, Fax: (949)258-2010, URL:

Available on Running time 94 minutes. Originally from French, New Zealand.

Cast and Crew

Period Piece: 1950s, Baltimore, Dads
Vince McKewin
Gregory Edward Smith, John Hurt, David Strathairn, Stephen McHattie, Seth Smith, Sarah Buxton
Allen Guilford
Bob Swaim
Greco Casadeus

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