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Remake of the 1949 film finds Manhattan department store clerk Steve Mason (Elliott) intrigued by widowed mom Jodie Ennis (Gibb). Although she inadvertently gets him fired, Steve still expresses interest in Jodie and her son. But Jodie's accepted the marriage proposal of regular guy boyfriend Paul (Irwin) because he offers her security. It's up to Jodie's son Timmy (Blanck) and some Christmastime truthfulness to get Jodie to see the light.

BWE (Bonneville Worldwide Entertainment) Video, 55 North 300 West, No. 315, Salt Lake City, UT 84110-1160, Phone: (801)575-3680, Toll-free: 877-293-3456

Available on Running time 93 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Christmas, Romantic Drama, Moms, New Year's Eve
David James Elliott, Cynthia Gibb, Curtis Blanck, Tom Irwin, Al Waxman, Patricia Hamilton, Victor Ertmanis, Pam Hyatt
Alan Myerson
Lee Holdridge
RKO Pictures, USA Network

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