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Over-the-top remake of the 1954 cult classic has nuclear testing in France creating a giant mutant lizard to destroy all boats, piers, people, and buildings that happen to get in its way. Gone are the days of a man in a rubber suit menacing Tokyo, replaced by state-of-the-art special effects. Third rate storyline has wimpy biologist Niko Tatopoulos (Broderick) hired to track down and connect with the beast, only to realize that Godzilla has chosen the Big Apple as the birthing place for its huge brood. When various supporting characters (including Reno as a French secret agent out to destroy Godzilla) cross paths with the creature, what results looks amazingly similar to one hugely successful dinosaur movie and its sequel. Ending leaves door wide open for an inevitable sequel of its own.

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Sci Fi, New York, New York, Killer Reptiles, Nuclear Energy, Military: Army, Godzilla and Friends, Top Grossing Films of 1998
Roland Emmerich, Dean Devlin
Matthew Broderick, Jean Reno, Maria Pitillo, Hank Azaria, Kevin Dunn, Michael Lerner, Harry Shearer, Arabella Field, Vicki Lewis, Doug Savant, Malcolm Danare
Ueli Steiger
Roland Emmerich
David Arnold
Dean Devlin, Centropolis Entertainment, TriStar Pictures, Sony Pictures


Golden Raspberries 1998: Worst Remake/Sequel, Worst Support. Actress (Pitillo).

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Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 2.0 4.0

Godzilla! This movie was pretty good. I watched it a few times back when it came out. Matthew Broderick stars in it, which I think made the movie good. I think Matthew Broderick is a good actor. I like his movies. The special effects were pretty cool too. There was some comdedy and a lot of action, which I like. If you've heard of Godzilla, which I'm sure many people have, then you might want to see this movie. It's not the greatest, but it's pretty good. It's kind of a long movie. A bit over two hours, although it doesn't seem like it's two hours. You'll be entertained.