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Four adult siblings and their various partners return to their New England home to spend Thanksgiving with their parents. As with most movie families of upper-middle class status, old resentments and issues abound. Dad (Scheider), a sullen, misanthropic near-recluse, isn't thrilled about the reunion. Younger son Warren (Wyle) hopes to reconcile with his high school sweetheart. Older sister Mia (Moore) can't think of anything nice to say about anyone, and tomboy sister Leigh (Holloman) does the sibling rivalry dance with her. Subdued and interesting, Freundlich's debut doesn't go for a grand conclusion or startling revelation. Depending on your taste for pat endings and easy answers, that could be it's greatest asset or a reason not to bother. Excellent performances by a great cast should have a bearing on the decision.

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Unhappy Meals, Family Drama, Bad Dads, Thanksgiving, Horrible Holidays, Shrinks, Brothers & Sisters
Bart Freundlich
Blythe Danner, Roy Scheider, Julianne Moore, Noah Wyle, Michael Vartan, Laurel Holloman, Hope Davis, Brian Kerwin, James LeGros
Stephen Kazmierski
Bart Freundlich
David Bridie, John Phillips
Tim Perell, James Schamus, Ted Hope, Good Machine, Eureka Pictures, Sony Pictures Classics

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