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Besson's view of the future is colorful, loud and fashionable. Dressed in costumes by Jean Paul Gaultier, Willis (in a blonde dye job) is New York City cab driver turned unwilling hero Korban Dallas, who must save earth from destruction at the hands of evil arms dealer Zorg (Oldman). Bruce is up to the old heroics that made him a household name, and takes time to romance orange-haired nymph Jovovich, who holds the key to all the madness going on. Oldman is over-the-top as the icy villain with a distinct southern accent, which makes him more of a bad gag than a bad guy. Jumbled story fortunately takes a backseat to weird aliens and stunning visuals which makes this an eye-catching (albeit confusing) sci-fi trip.

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Sci Fi, Cabbies, Technology--Rampant, Robots & Androids, Cyberpunk, Future Cop, New York, New York, Special FX Extravaganzas, Alien Beings--Vicious, Boom!, Grand Hotel, Nuns & Priests, Opera
Luc Besson
Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman, Ian Holm, Milla Jovovich, Luke Perry, Lee Evans, Chris Tucker, Brion James, Tommy (Tiny) Lister, John Neville, John Bluthal, Maiwenn Le Besco, Mathieu Kassovitz
Thierry Arbogast
Luc Besson
Eric Serra
Patrice Ledoux, Iain Smith, Gaumont, Sony Pictures Classics


British Acad. 1997: Visual FX; Cesar 1998: Art Dir./Set Dec., Cinematog., Director (Besson).

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The Fifth Element
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 3.0 4.0

This movie is good but weird. The Ultimate weapon against evil is called "The Fifth Element." Monascheiwans, mechanical beings, came to Earth to take the fifth element to ensure its existence. Then in the distant future of the 2200s, the Earth is polluted and weird. In the mega metropolitan city of New York, a former space soldier named Korban Dallas is now a taxi driver. Meanwhile as the Monasceiwans were returning to Earth to fend of the risen evil, were shot down in space by a ruthless race of beings known as Mangalores. As the humans dug up what is left of the Monascheiwans' ship, they created the perfect being named "Leeloo", who dropped in on Korban Dallas. Dallas saves her and finds a priest named Vito Corniellious, who is trying to find the Elemental Stones needed to power the weapon against evil, however he is competing with a corrupted businessman named Zorg.