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Live-action version of Carlo Collodi's story about woodcarver Gepetto (Landau) who carves himself a puppet son (Thomas) who longs to be a real boy. Story differs from the Disney cartoon version in that it's a little darker and the cat, the fox, and the cricket have larger roles. Jim Henson's Creature Shop provided the animatronic magic to bring Pinocchio to life. His head alone was jammed with wiring and 18 tiny motors to give the "boy" a full range of facial expressions. It took as many as five puppeteers at a time to animate the character. So lifelike was the puppet that some of the crew actually spoke to it as they did the human actors.

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Available on Running time 88 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Fantasy, Puppets, Adapted from a Fairy Tale, Dads, Whales
Steven Barron, Tom Benedek, Sherry Mills
Martin Landau, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Rob Schneider, Bebe Neuwirth, Udo Kier
Juan Ruiz-Anchia
Steven Barron
Rachel Portman
Jeffrey M. Sneller, Raju Patel, Savoy Pictures, New Line Cinema

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The Adventures of Pinocchio
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 2.0 4.0

The Adventures of Pinocchio came out in 1996 and has a total running time of 88 minutes. Marin Landau, Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Rob Schneider star in this fun family film. Pinocchio is a wooden puppet made by Geppetto, a woodcarver. He magically comes to life one day and decides he wants to be a real boy! Before he can be a boy, he’ll need to accomplish a few things. Pinocchio goes on many fun adventures. In the end, he becomes a real boy! Out of all the versions of Pinocchio movies, I think this one has to be my favorite.