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Farley plays Haru, a pathetically inept adopted son of a ninja, who is, nevertheless, sent to Beverly Hills on a rescue mission to break up an international counterfeiting ring. There, second-time spoof siren Sheridan hires the "great white ninja" to follow her no-good boyfriend and becomes the object of Haru's desire. Farley's extraordinary gift for physical comedy is exploited to the hilt, and the increase in Haru's tripping and stumbling (and in one harrowing scene, stripping) usually coincides with the fumbling of the plot. Rock's talents are squandered on a poorly conceived bellboy character. Farley's first feature sans fellow SNL alumni Spade suffers for his absence. Director Duggan, who also helmed Adam Sandler's "Happy Gilmore," might want to start screening his calls.

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Slob Comedy, Martial Arts, Genre Spoofs, Funny Money, L.A., Femme Fatale
Mark Feldberg, Mitch Klebenoff
Chris Farley, Nicolette Sheridan, Robin Shou, Nathaniel Parker, Chris Rock, Soon-Teck Oh, Francois Chau, Keith Cooke Hirabayashi
Arthur Albert
Dennis Dugan
George S. Clinton
Brad Krevoy, Steve Stabler, Brad Jenkel, Jeffrey D. Ivers, John Bertolli, Michael Rottenberg, TriStar Pictures, Motion Picture Corporation of America, Sony Pictures

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Beverly Hills Ninja
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 3.0 4.0

Beverly Hills Ninja is a hilarious movie. I can't stop laughing when I'm watching this movie. Chris Farely and Chris Rock are super funny in this movie. This has to be one of my favorite Chris Farely movies. The movie is about an hour and a half and trust me, you will not want to step away from the television. This movie is so entertaining. It's about a guy, named Haru,(played by Chris Farely) who is adopted by a ninja. Haru is has to go to Beverly Hills to break up a counterfeiting ring.