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No-budget noirish crime/romance set in the swampy, low-rent Florida area between Miami and the Everglades. Uncaring and frankly dumb housewife/mom Cozy (Bowman) hooks up with the boozing Lee Ray (Fessenden) and the dim duo take an illegal dip in a private pool. Cozy manages to fire off Lee's gun and thinks she hit a man who suddenly appeared. Not bothering to find out if this is true, they decide to hold up in a motel until they can figure out what to do. You won't really care but director Reichardt does have a way with visuals so things aren't a total loss.

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Available on Running time 80 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Contemporary Noir, Florida, Lovers on the Lam
Jesse Hartman, Kelly Reichardt
Lisa Bowman, Larry Fessenden, Dick Russell
Jim Denault
Kelly Reichardt
Jesse Hartman

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