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Pregnant loser Connie Doyle (Lake) is whisked into the lap of luxury when she's assumed to be the widowed Patricia Winterbourne after a train wreck. The grieving family (who had never met the bride) take her in and accept her and her baby as part of the household. Since her life is now going well, Connie decides to keep her true identity a secret while she falls for faux-brother-in-law Bill (Fraser). MacLaine is brilliant as the spirited matriarch of the family. Retooled as a comedy, the story is actually based on the noirish novel "I Married a Dead Man" by Cornell Woolrich and a remake of the equally dark "No Man of Her Own" from 1950.

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Available on Running time 106 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Romantic Comedy, Cinderella Stories, Not-So-True Identity, Moms, Role Reversal, Books to Film: Cornell Woolrich, Rags to Riches, Trains, Wedding Bells, Blackmail
Phoef Sutton, Lisa-Marie Rodano
Ricki Lake, Brendan Fraser, Shirley MacLaine, Miguel (Michael) Sandoval, Loren Dean, Susan Haskell, Paula Prentiss
Alex Nepomniaschy
Richard Benjamin
Patrick Doyle
Dale Pollock, Patrick Palmer, Tri-Star Pictures

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