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A trio of inexperienced but aspiring criminals attempt to make their mark on the world in suburban Dallas. Newcomers Wilson, who plays the group's ambitious leader Dignan, and Anderson penned this smart ensemble piece first as a 13-minute black and white short. A subsequent showing at the Sundance Film Festival got the attention of producer James L. Brooks ("Broadcast News"). Film got the backing to go feature length with Anderson directing, and deservedly so, with its fresh dialogue and surprising warmth.

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Available on Running time 91 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Heists, Scams, Stings & Cons, Disorganized Crime, Generation X
Wes Anderson, Owen C. Wilson
Ned Dowd, Owen C. Wilson, Luke Wilson, Robert Musgrave, Lumi Cavazos, James Caan, Andrew Wilson, Jim Ponds
Robert Yeoman
Wes Anderson
Mark Mothersbaugh
Polly Platt, James L. Brooks, Barbara Boyle, Michael Taylor, Gracie Films, Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures


MTV Movie Awards 1996: New Filmmaker (Anderson).

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Dignan gets Anthony from a voluntary mental hospital where he has been staying for self-described exhaustion. Dignan has a 75-year plan to pull off several heists and then meet Mr. Henry, a landscapist and part-time criminal known to Dignan. They go on a robbing spree from houses to stores. When they stop at a hotel, where Anthony meets Inez and a romantic spark ignites between them. Meanwhile, Bob was recruited earlier and his brother got arrested for Bob's marijuana plant. Before leaving, Anthony gives Dignan an envelope for Inez, and it has a lot of money in it. Inez has her friend give Dignan a message to give to Anthony. Her friend is a boy, and the message was "Tell Anthony that I love him." Dignan is just confused because he thinks the message is for himself. Later, Anthony and Dignan get into a fight but they make up and continues their plans. In the end, Dignan in in prison.