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Webber/Rice rock opera about the life and death of Eva Peron finally comes to the big screen with all its extravaganza intact. Madonna's in the title role (in fine voice, lavishly costumed but unflatteringly lit) about an ambitious poor girl willing to do anything to make her mark--in this version by sleeping her way up the ladder of power to Argentine strongman Juan Peron (Pryce as wax dummy). Evita becomes a would-be champion of the people, even as the government ruthlessly suppresses their freedoms. The surprisingly strong-voiced Banderas (perhaps his emphatic enunciation is to make his English as clear as possible) is everyman narrator Che (changed from the stage version's revolutionary Che Guevera). The highlight is still Madonna's balcony scene, singing "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina," but some of the other songs are drowned by loud orchestration. Director Parker has a cameo as a frustrated film director trying to work with Evita.

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Musical Drama, This Is Your Life, Women, Politics, South America, Adapted from a Musical, Wonder Women, Great Death Scenes, Rags to Riches, Cinderella Stories
Oliver Stone, Alan Parker
Madonna, Antonio Banderas, Jonathan Pryce, Jimmy Nail, Victoria Sus, Julian Littman, Olga Meediz, Laura Pallas, Julia Worsley
Darius Khondji
Alan Parker
Andrew Lloyd Webber, Tim Rice
Alan Parker
Robert Stigwood, Alan Parker, Andrew G. Vajna, Cinergi Productions, Dirty Hands, Hollywood Pictures, Buena Vista


Oscars 1996: Song ("You Must Love Me"); Golden Globes 1997: Actress--Mus./Comedy (Madonna), Film--Mus./Comedy, Song ("You Must Love Me").

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Evita came out in 1996 and has a total running time of 133 minutes. This film is based on the life of Evita Duarte. Madonna (as Eva Peron), Antonio Banderas (as Che) and Jonathan Pryce (as Juan Peron) star in this musical drama. This is the story of Eva Duarte, also known as Evita. The film shows how she was poor when she was younger, then became an actress, and became the wife of President Juan Peron of Argentina. She became one of the most famous Argentine woman.