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Explores the powerful effect which various types of media, including TV, music, and movies, have on today's young people and their growing sense of self. Demonstrates the dangers associated with accepting the products and lifestyles proposed by this trillion-dollar industry and offers tips on how to recognize some of the methods advertisers are using to influence young people. Provides advice on how teenagers can protect themselves from the "realities" expressed in media. Contains interviews with teenagers as they discuss their feelings on this subject.

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Available on Running time 23 minutes.

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Adolescence, Advertising, Consumer Education, Censorship

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The Glitter: Sex, Drugs and the Media
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 2.0 4.0

The Glitter: Sex, Drugs and the Media was produced by HRM and has a total running time of 23 minutes. This video focuses on the effect the media, such as television, music and such have on young people, for example, on teenagers. Teenagers are interviewed in this film to share their feelings on the topic. The media has a huge influence in society and on different trends. Teenagers would like to fit in with the crowd so they look at television and music and go off that. This might be an interesting video to watch and see what some other people have to say on the topic.