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It's 1607 and spirited Powhatan maiden Pocahontas and British settler Captain John Smith strike an unlikely but doomed romance in Disney's 33rd animated feature, its first based on the life of a historical figure. Lovely Poca, a virtual post-adolescent Native American superbabe, introduces the roguish captain (spoken and sung by Gibson) to the wonders of unspoiled nature and serves as peacemaker in the clash of European and Native American cultures. Disney puts its spin on history but maintains cultural sensitivity: several characters are voiced by Native American performers, including Chief Powhatan, spoken by American Indian activist Means, who led the 1973 siege at Wounded Knee, and Bedard as Pocahantas. Just don't tell the kids the real Pocahontas married someone else, moved to England, and died of smallpox at 21. Stunningly animated, but its mediocre soundtrack and decidedly somber tone leave it lacking in typical Disney majesty and charm. Premiered at New York's Central Park, for the usual theatre crowd of 100,000 or so.

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Cast and Crew

Animated Musicals, Native America, Interracial Affairs, Wonder Women, Disney Animated Movies, Disney Family Movies, Romantic Adventures, Top Grossing Films of 1995
Carl Binder, Susannah Grant, Philip LaZebnik
Mike Gabriel, Eric Goldberg
Alan Menken, Stephen Schwartz
Irene Bedard, Judy Kuhn, Mel Gibson, Joe Baker, Christian Bale, Billy Connolly, James Apaumut Fall, Linda Hunt, John Kassir, Danny Mann, Bill Cobbs, David Ogden Stiers, Michelle St. John, Gordon Tootoosis, Frank Welker
James Pentecost, Walt Disney Productions


Oscars 1995: Song ("Colors of the Wind"), Orig. Score; Golden Globes 1996: Song ("Colors of the Wind").

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Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 4.0 4.0

This is an excellent disney movie about a young Indian girl named Pocahontas and is based on a true story. I loved the songs from the show and it was interesting to watch the life of an Indian girl and how they might have lived. My favorite part is when she talks to grandmother Willow and looks to her for direction. Pocahontas has many changes happening in her world when she meets Captain John Smith and they become friends. She tries very hard to get the Indians and the British to become friends and help one another instead of hurting each other. It's a good show for all family members to watch.