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Coming-of-age story begins in 1913 with unassuming Charlie MacFell (Owen) forced to take over the family farm. Charlie (who needs a spine transplant) also goes along with an arranged marriage to local lovely Victoria (Zeta-Jones), a disaster since she's little more than a well-bred tart and it's her younger sister Nellie (Miles) who's really in love with Charlie anyway. As if Charlie didn't have enough to cope with, he's soon an army soldier as WWI begins and up against vindictive Ginger (Byrne), a former farmhand who resents the monied classes Charlie represents. Based on the novel by Catherine Cookson.

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Available on Running time 145 minutes. Originally from British.

Cast and Crew

Coming of Age, World War I, Great Britain, Family Drama, Books to Film: Catherine Cookson
Alan Seymour
Lloyd Owen, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Maria Miles, Antony Byrne, Tom Bell
Simon Langton
Barrington Pheloung
Yorkshire Television

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Catherine Cookson's The Cinder Path
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 2.0 4.0

the plot begins in English countryside in the early 20th century ,, the period of world war I . in film is depicted war,love .. its awful that people used to marry each other by there fathers' desire .