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"Ghost" meets "Oh, Heavenly Dog" as Tom (Modine) dies in a suspicious car accident and is reincarnated as a dog who remembers his past life. He returns to his former family (Travis and Pomeranc) to protect them from his former business partner (Stoltz), battling such puppy perils as cosmetic testing labs and dogcatchers along the way. While there's plenty of squishy sentimentality to go around, some of the scenes involving animal abuse may be a little much for the target audience of pre-teen kids. Jackson and Stoltz trade "Pulp Fiction" for pup fiction, but this dog won't hunt. Based on the novel by James Herbert.

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Available on Running time 96 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Fantasy, King of Beasts (Dogs), Death & the Afterlife, Reincarnation
James Carrington, Carlo Carlei
Matthew Modine, Nancy Travis, Eric Stoltz, Max Pomeranc, Ron Perlman, Jon Polito, Bill Cobbs, Frederico Pacifici, Collin Wilcox-Paxton
Raffaele Mertes
Carlo Carlei
Carlo Siliotto
Samuel L. Jackson
Paul Maslansky, Lata Ryan, Jon Turtle, Thomas Coleman, Rocket Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures

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There is a life lesson in this movie. Fluke is a puppy, a golden retiever, by the way, who has crazy dreams and flashbacks of a human life. Bella, a homeless woman, takes care of Fluke, until, one day, when she dies. Fluke meets a dog named Rumbo, who he learns a lot from and grows up with. Fluke finally realizes that these dreams and flashbacks are real! He used to be Thomas Johnson, who died in a car accident. Rumbo comes to rescue Fluke when he is taken by a man who performs tests on animals, but Rumbo is shot in the process. Fluke finds his wife and son, and he becomes their pet. He realizes that he was a workaholic and didn't spend enough time with his family when he was a human. Also, he thinks that his business partner, Jeff, was responsible for his death as a human. Fluke is about to kill Jeff until he has a flashback and realized that it is his own fault. He tries to show his family who he used to be by going to his grave site. Nothing worked. Fluke finally gave up, realizing that he should have appreciated his life before, and he's not going to take this one for granted.