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Juliet (Fox), David (Eccleston), and Alex (McGregor), three completely unlikable housemates, face a moral dilemma when their new roomie, Hugo (Allen), turns up dead of a drug overdose, leaving behind a suitcase stuffed with cash. Their decision to chop up the body, bury the bits, and keep the loot leads to a well-deserved descent into paranoia, betrayal, and dementia. Interesting character study in which the veneer of civility is totally destroyed at the first hint of temptation. Style wins out over substance as the characters are never humanized before they're demonized.

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Available on Running time 91 minutes. Originally from British.

Cast and Crew

Psycho-Thriller, Black Comedy, Roommates from Hell, Hide the Dead Guy
John Hodge
Kerry Fox, Christopher Eccleston, Ewan McGregor, Keith Allen, Ken Stott, Colin McCredie, John Hodge
Brian Tufano
Danny Boyle
Simon Boswell
Andrew Macdonald, Allan Scott, Glasgow Film Fund, Figment Film, Film Four International

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