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It's "Thelma & Louise" come to "Terms of Endearment" by way of "Philadelphia." Goldberg is Jane, an unemployed lesbian singer, who connects with Ms. Priss real estate agent Robin (Parker) for a road trip to California. The two become a female version of the Odd Couple as Jane tags Robin as "the whitest woman in America." They stop off to pick up addle-brain friend Holly (Barrymore) who has just knocked her drug-crazed abusive beau in the head with a baseball bat. Holly's accident turns fatal and the threesome are on the run from cops. They bond like crazy glue and become a family as they face two huge setbacks--one's pregnant, another has AIDS. Strong performances by the lead actresses and a cool soundtrack may make up for this often trite movie of the week premise.

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Available on Running time 117 minutes.

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Real Estate, Road Trip, Lesbians, Women, Death & the Afterlife, AIDS, Fugitives, Female Bonding, Pregnant Pauses
Don Roos
James Remar, Anita Gillette, Matthew McConaughey, Whoopi Goldberg, Mary-Louise Parker, Drew Barrymore
Donald E. Thorin
Herbert Ross
David Newman
Arnon Milchan, Steven Reuther, Herbert Ross, Don Roos, Patricia Karlan, New Regency Pictures, Alcor Films, Regency Enterprises

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