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Romantic comedy finds Nina (San Giacomo) deciding that the passion is gone from her three-year marriage so, while her husband is out of town, she picks up a nameless Welsh photographer (Rhys) and begins an affair. The affair is over as the movie begins but Nina tells her story to a tabloid journalist (O'Keefe) who's writing about adultery. Gimmicky, with shallow if attractive characters and an equally attractive San Francisco setting.

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Available on Running time 100 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Romantic Comedy, Marriage, Front Page, San Francisco, Flashback, Adultery
Alan Jacobs
Laura San Giacomo, Paul Rhys, Michael O'Keefe, Cristi Conaway, Fisher Stevens
Phil Parmet
Alan Jacobs
Todd Boekelheide
Alan Jacobs, Jane Hernandez, Graeme Bretall, Shelby Notkin, Sharona Productions, Trans Atlantic Entertainment, Triumph

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Nina Takes a Lover
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 2.0 4.0

Nina Takes a Lover came out in 1994 and has a total running time of 100 minutes. Laura San Giacomo, Paul Rhys, Michael O’Keefe, Crisit Conaway and Fisher Stevens star in this romantic comedy. The story is by Nina being interviewed by a journalist writing about adultery. Nina tells her story about how she had an affair on her husband while he was away on a business trip for a few weeks. She has an affair with a photographer. The journalist is interviewing her and the photographer in separate interviews. So you kind of get both of their sides. From her affair she learned many lessons that she didn’t know before.