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Serial, based on the comic-strip character, in 15 chapters. Tracy tries to find his kidnapped brother as he faces the fiend "Spider." The first chapter is 30 minutes and each additional chapter is 20 minutes.

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Available on Running time 290 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Mystery & Suspense, Adapted from a Cartoon, Serials, Brothers & Sisters, Police Detectives
Ralph Byrd, Smiley Burnette, Irving Pichel, Jennifer Jones
John English, Alan James, Ray Taylor

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Dick Tracy
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 1.0 4.0

This series came out in 1937 and it is now available to purchase on VHS and DVD. The total running time of this series is 290 minutes. This series is based on the comic-strip character. There are a total of fifteen chapters on the VHS and DVD. Ralph Byrd, Jennifer Jones, Smiley Burnette and Irving Pichel star in this series. This series is full of mystery and suspense. Tracy is trying to find his brother who has been kidnapped!