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Fanatical survivors of the Nazi holocaust gave eternal life to the brain of their leader in the last hours of the war. Now it's on a Caribbean island giving orders again. One of the truly great "bad" movies. Shot in pieces in the U.S., the Philippines, and elsewhere, with chunks of other films stuck in to hold the "story" together.

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Available on Running time 91 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Nazis & Other Paramilitary Slugs, Zombie Soldiers, Woofs!
Richard Miles, Steve Bennett
Walter Stocker, Audrey Caire, Nestor Paiva, Carlos Rivas, Dani Lynn, Bill Freed, John Holland, Scott Peters, Marshall Reed
Stanley Cortez
David Bradley
Don Hulette
Crown International Pictures

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They Saved Hitler's Brain
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 4.0 4.0
Sir Breslau Schmidt

This movie is the greatest feature film ever concocted in the history of the human race! It has brought to my attention some files that after the second world war were lost to humanity and only just recently found in the home of one Robert Harkness in his great great (Ex Nazi) grandfathers closet shortly after his very unfortunate death. after many hours of reading through said files i have found that many of the events in 'they saved hitlers brain 1964' are very accurate except that it is located inside deep canals under the very building that hitler commited suiside, i have since created a shrine for the brain of our noble leader 'Adolf Hitler (with his right hand man 'Hinrich Himmler' kneeling at his most noble feet) and in his hands he holds his brain that will forever be known as the one and only God of earth and sole creator of all. Now come my bretherin and rejoice for i now decree that in two years time our lord will rise up! he will finally rid the world of all non beleivers and leave us, the loyal, blonde haired blue eyed virgins for us to fondle and be rid of when were done!. all those who want to join my noble cause come to 24 Smiths Avenue, Papakura, Auckland, New Zealand and if my brothers you cannot travel because of financial problems or illnesses you can help our cause by sending $100 to the adress above this will go towards the ressurection of our saviour Adolf Hitler, Praise the name. and a warning to all those who think the resurrection is a fake! sich vor Angst in die Hosen schei├čen.