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Some humor and reasonable special effects help this rise above the usual teen-slasher horror sequels. The demonic Angela (complete with her skull-shaped lollipops) lives on in legend, handily haunting her creepy old house where a group of dumb teens end up on Halloween (and soon wind up dead). With each casualty, a new victim also joins the ranks of the undead. Funniest parts come with heroic rescuer, yardstick-wielding Sister Gloria, who's not about to let any of Satan's helpers get the better of her.

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Available on Running time 96 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Supernatural Horror, Death & the Afterlife, Nuns & Priests, Creepy Houses, Halloween, Horrible Holidays
Joe Augustyn
Amelia Kinkade, Jennifer Rhodes, Merle Kennedy, Bobby Jacoby, Rod McCary, Zoe Trilling, Cristi Harris, Johnny Moran, Rick Peters, Christine Taylor, Ladd York, Darin Heames
Brian Trenchard-Smith
Jim Manzie
Walter Josten, Jeff Geoffray, Henry Seggerman, Blue Rider Pictures, Republic Pictures

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