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Anne Rampling's (AKA Anne Rice) novel focused on fulfilling S&M sexual fantasies, but director Marshall goes for laughs with a buddy cops-out-of-water sitcom subplot, as undercover cops Aykroyd and O'Donnell track a suspected jewel thief to the fantasy resort of Eden, run by dominatrix Delany. (What was the pitch for this one? Think "Another Stakeout" meets "Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down." It'll be great. Really.) Neither plot works, resulting in a kinky movie with no kink, and a comedy with few laughs. O'Donnell holds up her end, providing what few yuks there are. Everyone else, especially Aykroyd and Delany, seem to be sleepwalking. Lucky for them.

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Available on Running time 113 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Island Fare, Sexcapades, Buddy Cops, Torrid Love Scenes, Books to Film: Anne Rice
Deborah Amelon, Bob Brunner
Dan Aykroyd, Rosie O'Donnell, Dana Delany, Paul Mercurio, Hector Elizondo, Stuart Wilson, Iman, Sandi Korn
Garry Marshall
Patrick Doyle
Garry Marshall, Alex Rose, Edward K. Milkis, Nick Abdo, Savoy Pictures


Golden Raspberries 1994: Worst Support. Actress (O'Donnell).

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