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Entertaining remake of the popular ABC series is fresh and funny, with sharp dialogue and a good cast. Everybody looks like they're having a great time, not difficult for the charming Gibson, but a refreshing change of pace for the usually serious Foster and Greene. In a fun bit of casting, Garner, the original Maverick, shows up as Marshal Zane Cooper. Lightweight, fast-paced comedy was reportedly highly improvised, though Donner retained enough control to keep it coherent. The end is left wide open so a sequel seems likely. Keep your eyes peeled for cameos from country stars, old time Western actors, and an unbilled appearance from Glover.

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Cast and Crew

Western Comedy, Scams, Stings & Cons, Gambling, Family Ties, War Between the Sexes, Adapted from Television, Director/Star Teams: Donner & Gibson, Top Grossing Films of 1994, Screen Teams: Gibson & Glover, Poker
William Goldman
Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster, James Garner, Graham Greene, James Coburn, Alfred Molina, Paul Smith, Geoffrey Lewis, Max Perlich
Vilmos Zsigmond
Richard Donner
Randy Newman
Dub Taylor, Dan Hedaya, Robert Fuller, Doug McClure, Bert Remsen, Denver Pyle, Will Hutchins, Waylon Jennings, Kathy Mattea, Danny Glover, Clint Black
Bruce Davey, Richard Donner, Icon Productions, Donner/Shuler-Donner Productions, Warner Bros.


Blockbuster 1995: Comedy Actress, T. (Foster).

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Brett Maverick (Mel Gibson) loves to gamble and he loves to win. He wants to enter a poker tournament, which he thinks he will win, but the cost is $25,000.00 and he is short $3,000.00 so he decides to go to Crystal River to collect on money that is owed to him. He runs into unexpected trouble there because many people don't want Maverick to come to the tournament and they want him stopped. Maverick also has the hots for Annabelle Bransford (Jodie Foster) and he swindles some money because she is short as well. Maverick was also a series years ago and the original Maverick star, James Garner, plays in this movie as Marshal Zane Cooper. This is a good movie and was made in 1994 and will bring a lot of laughs.