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Skeptical new teacher inspires a classroom of underachievers and finds his true calling. Based loosely on the experiences of screenwriter Burnstein at a base in Michigan. Civilian Bill Rago (DeVito) is an unemployed ad exec assigned to teach Shakespeare to a group of borderline Army recruits led by Hardison. Add half a bone for the recruits and their Hamlet rap, a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stale plot. Some funny moments, reminiscent of "Stripes," but not quite as wacky. On the other hand, Marshall does endearing well. Look for rapper Marky Mark with his shirt on (hard to recognize). Shot with the cooperation of the Army.

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Available on Running time 128 minutes.

Cast and Crew

School Daze, Military Comedy, Dedicated Teachers, Team Efforts, Advertising, Detroit, Military School
Jim Burnstein, Ned Mauldin
Danny DeVito, Gregory Hines, James Remar, Stacey Dash, Ed Begley, Mark Wahlberg, Lillo Brancato, Kadeem Hardison, Richard T. Jones, Khalil Kain, Peter Simmons, Jenifer Lewis
Penny Marshall
Hans Zimmer
Cliff Robertson
Penny Marshall, Robert Greenhut, Elliot Abbott, Sara Colleton, Cinergi Productions, Parkway Productions, Touchstone Pictures, Buena Vista

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Renaissance Man
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 2.0 4.0

Penny Marshall directed Renaissance Man starring Danny DeVito (as Bill Rago), Gregory Hines (as Sergeant Cass), James Remar (as Captain Tom Murdoch), Stacey Dash (as Private Miranda Myers), and Mark Wahlberg (as Private Tommy Lee Haywood). This comedy/drama released in 1994 and has a total running time of 128 minutes. Renaissance man is about an advertising executive, Bill Rago). He loses his job in Detroit and soon receives unemployment. Meanwhile, he finds another job. He’s now teaching to Army recruits. There’s not much structure when he arrives, but not for long. Bill and his students read Hamlet by Shakespeare and they read and analyze the book. He finds his calling and helps set structure in the classroom.