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West stars as a woman on the lam for a murder (self-defense) who heads out for the Yukon aboard McLaglen's ship. He falls for her, finds out about her problems, and helps her with a scam to pass herself off as a missionary, only she begins to take her saving souls seriously (although in her own risque style).

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Available on Running time 77 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Alaska, Religion, Cold Spots, Fugitives
Mae West
Mae West, Victor McLaglen, Philip Reed, Helen Jerome Eddy, Harry Beresford, Harold Huber, Conway Tearle, Esther Howard
George T. Clemens
Raoul Walsh
William LeBaron, Paramount Pictures

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Klondike Annie
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 2.0 4.0

Raoul Walsh directed the film Klondike Annie starring Mae West (as Annie Alden) and Victor McLaglen (Bull Brackett). Klondike Annie is a comedy that came out in 1936 and has a total running time of 77 minutes. This comedy is featured in black and white and is available to purchase on VHS and DVD. Annie is a woman being accused of murder so she boards a Bull Brackett’s ship. While aboard the ship the two meet and fall in love. She tells him about what she’s going through and he helps her out.